Tuesday, November 18, 2008

iCANDY- 17th Edition

DIRECTIONS: For best results, click on iCANDY collage

I'm BACK! Sorry for neglecting my blog this past week. I had to go to Phoenix and attend my {day job} National Sales Meeting and as one can imagine - I'm exhausted and if that weren't bad enough, I'm sick too.

Being sick has helped me to pick this week's iCANDY featured Etsy artists. I was looking for "comfort" pictures and these really fit the bill. First up is Fire Daughter Designs, a new Etsy seller. She makes some of the cutest t-shirts for tots and adults alike. In the mood for some felted cherry blossom hair pins? From Germany we have Thymbyl Designs, every accessory in her shop features serious attention to the tiniest of details. Then we have these mohair beauties from Kindred Knits. Never have I seen such romantic knitted wraps and even better pictures!

Enjoy! As always, if you have some iCANDY, I'd love to see it!! Just send me a post here or an email to inkspotworkshop@hotmail.com

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