Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You Got Skunked!

A game where both my husband and I can play with our 3.5 year old and not want to scratch out eyes out from boredom! Have you had enough of 5 Little Monkeys On The Bed? Or Candyland? Then head over here and pick yourself up an Uno Moo game. It really is FUN!

When you have 2 sales people as parents, you are doomed to be competitive and this game gives everyone a chance to compete. We don't even have to "let" our son win. There's even strategy (did I really just say that?) built right in... get the skunk and the next player loses his turn. Trust me, we're all about skunkin in this family:)


Liz McCoy said...

FUN!!! I've tried a few games with the kiddo and most have been too complicated. I might just pick this one up for our trip this weekend we're having a family reunion with the hubby's side of the family. 4 kids under 5!!!

Thanks for the recommendation

Inkspot Workshop said...

You will love this!! Have fun on your trip

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