Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stickyfingers All About FALL

Happy Sunday! I'm feeling chipper today because the weather here in Atlanta is in the low '50's! We simply bypassed Fall and went straight to Winter around here. Since I'm longing for the "real" Fall to show it's face, I thought I'd bring you some fun crafts that are reminiscent of this colorful season. I aspire to inspire so go and make something! Have Fun.

These Orange Rind Votives, remind me of the hanging closet pomander we made in first grade. Don't you just love the smell of cloves? Beekman Farms gives you the step-by-step here.

I fell in love with this Ruffle Sweater tutorial from Orange Beautiful last year. Last weekend I spend the better part of Sunday in J.Crew and bought a few too many ruffly collared items and still can't get enough of them. This is one project I'm going to try my hardest to make this year, although I haven't sewn anything since the duffel bag project from 8th grade Home Ec class.

I've especially loving this Mini Forest for your table, since my own dining room is painted this color and has orange accents everywhere. Sunset shows us how right here.

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