Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Pickin' and fun in the N. Georgia Mountains

Fall in Atlanta is especially gorgeous when you get a chance to spend it
in the North Georgia mountains...

and when you get to spend it with your family and great friends visiting from Holland.

It was so much fun introducing my Dutch friends to the American tradition called Halloween. Complete with a visit to Burt's Farm for some good old fashioned "country" fun and of course, hot boiled peanuts and people watching. You can never get sick of matching scarecrow sweaters, polyester and home perms {or can you?}

We grabbed a wheelbarrow and were on our way

For the record...Walt Disney/Pixar does not in anyway, shape or form financially supplement this blog or my family for that matter. It is the other way around! How about the $2.00 a piece band-aid on his forehead and hand? There is no boo boo, he wears them like tattoos.

Hubby even getting into the spirit. Perhaps next year we will wear
matching scarecrow sweaters:)

The perfect ending to a perfect day was a trip to Monteluce Winery.

So glad to have met you during the heatwave of 2000 on Santorini. Who would have thought we would have become friends for life? Our friendship is so important to me and I love how it has grown over the years. You are both so special to me and now to my family.
Looking forward to our next get together and making new memories.

1 comment:

Henrico said...

We are So Honord with having you, Fred and Nathan in our lives and we are so proud of our friendship.
Luckely we all like to travel a lot ( okay, we have a more holidays) so we can see eaother on a yearly bases. That is our intention.
So nice of you posting this blog on Bobans birthday.

Love and a big HUGE,

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