Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stickyfingers - Felted Wool Edition

In keeping with my whole felted wool fetish this week, it should be no surprise the three craft tutorials I'm sharing with you today are made of {what else?} FELT. While combing the web to bring you great ideas, I also came across some new blogs and designers to follow. As always, I aspire to inspire so go and MAKE SOMETHING! and have fun.

Don't you just love this picture's color combinations? Learn how to make this Felted Brooch by green crafter herself, Betz White. The possible uses for this little brooch are endless! You can put them on a sweater, scarf, hat, curtains, you name it! Click here for complete instructions.

Then we have this pillow with rosette clusters that I would wear as an article of clothing! From the felt master herself, Anne Kyrro Quinn offers up this step-by-step tutorial over at Etsy's Storque's How Tuesdays.
Be sure to pickup a copy of her book on the subject Felt Furnishings.

Garland can make any space festive, don't you agree? Learn how to make this festive felted garland, compliments of the PurlBee. Click here for her easy directions.

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