Monday, June 16, 2008

Paper Everywhere! - Keeping It Organized

As my office is starting to take in more and more supplies {inventory} for my shop, I strive to find a balance between storing my medical supplies {day job} and ever growing paper stash. The garage is already overflowing with stuff for my day job, so my husband has placed me on restriction from placing even one more object in it.

My on going quest for organization lead me to The Container Store, where I visit monthly {at least} for inspiration - so lucky to have this store less than 4 miles from my house! This trip, in particular, was more inspiring than others because I discovered the niftiest invention ever! It's simply called "Stationery Organizer" how cool is that? Especially since this is precisely what I was looking to organize!! What makes it different from other "tray" style organizers is that the design has some style to it and it doesn't look like the basic items you find at every office supplies store.
The company who makes my latest love is called livingbox, based in Taiwan. Leave it to East Asia, to come up with some of the best storage solutions out there. I guess when you live in a country where real estate {space} in general is a premium and your living quarters mimic that of a cruise ship cabin, necessity really is the mother of invention.

My new stationery organizer has three trays measuring 12.5x9 inches and they are stack able. You can choose to have your drawers pull out either landscape or portrait orientation. I chose landscape {sideways} and it holds my A9 {5x7} paper perfectly!!

Check out these other fresh, colorful items from livingbox's young designer, Yira Wu, Jr.


jenscloset said...

You're so inspiring! I would not dare to a pic of my workspace right now! I sell vintage, mostly glass items, and right now, my living room looks like a vintage shop! Plus...all the papers! Help!

La Alicia said...

doesn't organization make you happy? I love it!

tanyBUG said...

i really need to visit this container store!

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