Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fall/Winter 2008

OK, I know, it's barely even summer and here I am posting something about Fall and Winter already, right? Well, over here in my workshop, I've been doing a LOT of thinking about what colors to offer in my lineup for fall and winter. God only knows how I love my bright, lively sherbet colors, but {just like mother nature} I will have to tone them down, just a bit - once our days start getting short again.
I've been doing some research as to what colors are predicted to be hot in both home furnishings and clothing and the results are in and pictured above. These are just my inspiration starting points and once my creative juices start to flow {like lava} I will use various shades of these colors.
New York's Fashion Week, this past February, showcased all the latest in fashion trends and they dubbed this Fall to be the "Season of Change". Reason being that typically fall and winter colors are subdued, but for 2008 we will see a shift towards cool hues with bright undertones. That's right up my alley! NO NEUTRALS for this girl!
Well, what do you think?

1 comment:

Rascallion said...

Great combinations. I'm sewing winter stuff too right now, it seems weird but must be done!

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