Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy "Gluten Free" Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
It's another nice, quiet, lovely Sunday morning here in the South and instead of jazz, I'm in the mood for some classic rock, getting back to my Cleveland roots:) As always I have my cup-o-joe, laptop and scissors to keep me company as I get some blogging and order filling underway before my energetic toddler awakens.

When my husband wakes up he will find 11 (not 12 because I ate one:+) fabulously tasty, gluten free, coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Can't you just taste them? OK, I had to sneak one because how else could I give you my honest opinion of these fab finds from Sugar Dreams Bakery?

A few years ago my husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which is a gluten {protein found in wheat}/wheat allergy. The key ingredient in flour is wheat so it's imperative to find a baker that has recipes using "wheat free" flours that develop a product that is moist and not dry. Gluten is what gives bread and cakes their supple consistency. This disease {doctor's say} is hereditary and manifests itself in several ways and as a result is severely misdiagnosed as IBS {irritable bowel syndrome} in the US.

My tall, dark and handsome husband lost approx 30 pounds and was experiencing some not so pleasant bowel issues, all during the time of our wedding. I was positive he had gotten a tape worm somewhere and based upon his sudden weight loss I secretly wanted one myself, after all I had to look good in my wedding dress:) After a couple doctor's visits and everyone saying "it's just IBS" my friend suggested a "younger" doctor and Viola, he hit the nail on the head "it's celiac." The only way to be 100% positive was to do a "scope and snip" of his small intestine. Sure enough, the "villi" were missing, as gluten literally obliterates these finger like jobbies in your small intestine which allow you to absorb nutrients from food. My husband was literally starving, as the food was not getting absorbed, just passing right through. The simple fix was to not eat anything made with wheat/gluten. The tricky part is wheat/gluten is not simply listed this way, for example malt vinegar and a few other vinegars are made with barley {wheat family}. The FDA is doing a much better job of labeling for all food allergies these days. My husband does not have to go without, trust me he has gained all his weight back and is his usual studly self. Thank goodness for Whole Foods {Whole Paychecks}, as they have an amazing gluten free selection. Our accountant said to keep receipts because we get some sort of tax relief! wonderful.

So.... on my search for the perfect father's day gift I found fellow Etsy seller Stacie of Sugar Dreams Bakery, located here in Atlanta. The best news is that she ships all over the US!! Has ice packs and everything to make sure your baked goods arrive in tact, during the hot summer heat. Check out the way she packaged my cupcakes just for the car drive - love that attention to detail!Gluten free was not her specialty, but it sure is now! She was eager to help me and so pleasant to work with. Check out these gems she currently has listed in her shop...

Gluten Free Nutz For Coconut Cuppie

Chocolately Oreo Smiles

Tuxedo Cuppie
All I can say is WOWIE! these are the moistest, tastiest cupcakes ever! You would never know they were gluten free. Now I wish I had gotten her "Cuppies" which are larger versions, layered with even more frosting!! I will be contacting her to see if she can make us a coconut cake.

My 2 year old has started dabbling in card making, just like his mommy. Check out his cute Father's Day card he made at school. I don't know what's more touching the hand prints, knowing they will never be that small again - or the wonderful words.
But for now, I need to finish a custom gift box order {below} and start of a few others for my shop. Just got in my new envelope and paper shipment, aren't they gorgeous? They make my office even more colorful, plus they just make me happy to look at. How's that for a paper addict?

Have a wonderful Sunday and I hope you get a chance to spend time with your friends and family!

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Kim said...

I have gotten products from this bakery as well. OMG! They are great.

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