Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words!

It's pictures like this that make me honored and proud to have my little side business, InkSpot Workshop. I love seeing that my hand crafted paper goodies really do make people smile and as korny as that may sound, these smiles mean a lot to me.

Thank you Amy, for sending me this picture and your email. Amy was the winner of my Mother's Day giveaway and with her big heart used the gift certificate (along with her own money) and purchased 7 sets of Personalized Teacher's Notes. The ladies shown in the picture are 2nd grade teachers at Ladera Ranch Elementary School in California, where her son attends school. Wow! what a nice way for one mom to honor her son's teachers for all they contribute.

email I received from Amy...

Stacy- Here is the email from my son's teacher, Ellie, who just loves her 'Bulldogs'. Thank you for helping me to spoil the 2nd grade team at Ladera Ranch Elementary School. Jack happily delivered all the stationary to these wonderful ladies who have taught him more this year than just multiplication facts and butterfly life cycles.
With Budget cuts, we are hopeful that all 7 ladies will be back next year (for my second son, Ben, goes into 1st grade next year).
Thanks again for helping me to honor these hardworking ladies. Amy

hi amy!here are some pics of us with our fab stationary!!! we love it and love you! thank you for having such a big heart!

2nd Grade TeacherLadera Ranch Elementary School

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Anonymous said...

so cute! What a great story! And how sweet of great moms like Amy to spoil those teachers who so richly deserve it!

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