Tuesday, May 5, 2009

iCANDY - Mother's Day Edition

Directions: For optimum viewing pleasure click on collage

This week's iCANDY is brought to you a few days early in order to show you some last minute Mother's Day ideas. These are my favorites!

1. Memento Jewelry - Jeanne Flint, Atlanta, GA $125.00

2. I {heart} U Mug - Vessels and Wares, Atlanta, GA $20.00

3. Mommy Tee - Fire Daughter Clothing, Scottsdale, AZ $26.00

4. Luxury Gift Set - Sweet Petula, Seattle, WA $42.00

5. Custom Silhouette Pillow - Le Papier Studio, Chicago, IL $24.00

6. Custom Mommy Calling Cards - Sarah and Abraham, Chicago, IL $14.00



FiredaughterClothing said...

Stacy, I want all of those things!!! Your i candy's are so stunning - thanks for including my tee with such GORGEOUS items :) You are the bestest!!

Vana said...

thank you Stacy! It's fun seeing my pillow all over the place recently...and here on your blog too.

Jaimee said...

Great iCandy!
Some familiar and some new!!!
ALL great!

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