Thursday, May 28, 2009

iCANDY - 39th Edition

I love all things food! If you follow me on Twitter, you will notice I frequently post links to newly found Etsy foodie shops late at night when I'm most hungry. Etsy's food category is constantly growing and at last count there were 10,128 items you could munch, snack or drink on! With backyard entertaining on the mind {if it ever stops raining} I found some new places to help make any spread more fun. ENJOY!

1. Summer Sun Tea - Owens Acres, Placerville $22.00
2. Vintage Ice Cream Cups - Paper Treats, Michigan $4.95
3. Hibiscus Soda - Botanary Confections, New York $9.50
4. Luau Party Cookies - Lori's Place, Kissimmee, FL $24.99
5. Vanilla Marshmallow Cream - Sweetie Pies Delights, St. Peters, MO $6.95
6. Strawberry with Cinnamon Jam - Lemon Bird, Wrightwood, CA $8.00

1 comment: said...

Mmm...This is making me hungry! :)

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