Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Wardrobe Additions

Contrary to popular belief, I really do not enjoy clothes shopping. In fact the thought of going to the mall gives me anxiety because I never seem to find exactly what I'm looking for, which is why online shopping is my weapon of choice. So why am I doing a blog post about a clothing site? We'll I found one that really impressed me, please read on...

Bathing suit shopping has to be the worst shopping of all ... until now. I'd like to introduce you to Athleta, a new website and catalog from the Gap family of stores. This place is choc-full of just about the cutest women's active wear I have ever seen and/or worn. Everything from a HUGE selection of bathing suits, easy to pack and wear clothing and even yoga garb. The best part is that everything is super comfortable, as though you were living at the gym and needed round-the-clock clothing, plus it's affordable.

So do what I did...order a couple sizes of everything and when your order arrives, get a glass of wine and get ready to see your post winter backside. Then simply ship everything that you didn't like right back to them. They only deduct $6.00 from your bill for returns and the shipping charges are free for orders over $150! You really can't beat this! I had such an amazing shopping experience and I hope you do to

Perhaps the most comfortable Bermudas I have ever worn!

You'll see me in these this summer! OK, these flat bellies have inspired me to get back into Pilates!

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