Monday, October 13, 2008

No More Chicken Littles - The Sky Is JUST FINE!

That's it! Enough! I've had it! Heads off with the media and politicians with their feeding frenzy on pessimism. All this hype about the US heading for another "Great Depression" is media sensationalism at its finest. If you are sitting at home, paralyzed by the negative messages being sent every time you turn on your computer, TV or radio - then take the initiative and EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE FACTS! Don't fall victim to the hype that the media knows "sells stories". I'm doing my part to spread OPTIMISM, details are towards the end of this post.

Without boring you with all the specifics from the US Census and Bureau of Labor and Statistics ( Here are a 2 simple economic facts...

Media Sensationalism Myth: Unemployment is the worst it's ever been!

Truth: Sept 2008 unemployment rate was 6.1% - In the past 10 years the highest this rate has been = 6.3% (June, 2003). The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1941, during that time the lowest unemployment rate was 3.14% in 1929 and the highest was 24.75 in 1933 with a median average during that era of 16%.

Media Sensationalism Myth: We are facing the same mortgage foreclosure rates as the Great Depression.

Truth: info from Mortgage Bankers Association ( 6.4% of ALL mortgages are delinquent to some extent and 2.75% are in foreclosure. During the Great Depression more than 50% were in foreclosure. In 2008 foreclosures are unique to the small fraction of mortgage owners who have sub prime loans, basically these people did not have the where-with-all to be a home owner in the first place. Mortgages to people who could not afford a home (sub prime) only make up 12% of ALL US mortgages, yet account for 52% of all foreclosures.

OK, enough ranting, I think I've made my point. Now for some fun stuff...To help spread


I've come up with a new set of notecards for you to send to all of your Chicken Little friends who believe the sky is falling! I'm jump starting this launch by giving away a free set of 10 to one lucky winner. All you need to do is post the media myth that makes you most outraged and why. The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, October 15th at midnight. Good Luck and spread the word!!


Digital Misfit said...

Great giveaway! Those cards are just the thing to give (and get) a chuckle during these media-pounding election days.

I would have to say that my most hated media myth is the constant "Obama is Muslim" references. Even if the media is reporting that Obama claims to be Christian, they are just constantly reminding people of the fact that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE believed it. It causes doubt.
I REALLY hate the people who have actually said to me "I cant vote for Obama because it sounds too much like Osama" ...WHAT???
I dont care who you vote for, but my word, could it at least be for reasons based on facts and issues and not infantile logic?

(*note: I think that everyone's religion should be a personal choice and not a political issue, but unfortunately we do live in a time where having certain belief systems could impair one's chance at leading a government, so this is why these comments upset me).

dinah34 said...

thanks for the nice outburst of Optimism! i really needed it this morning...

hmmm...a media myth that gives me the rage? i'd have to say the one that tells us that there's some new study out that says, 'hey don't eat or drink or wear or watch that--it's bad for you'. it gets a 2 minute spot in the news and then you never hear about it again.

Kari said...

Those cards are super cute! I totally agree with you about enough is enough. I basically avoid most media lately, I don't need so much negativity in my life.

kim* said...

yeah like if really is going to happen then why is everyone still shopping on etsy lol

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