Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is what all my hard yard work has come to......CRITTER DAMAGE!! Is this what your newly potted planters are looking like? Then, the criminals leave their evidence behind! They must be nuts:) Every day I have to replant my poor little snapdragons. Is there such a thing as an electric squirrel fence? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated, not that I don't love squirrels with their cute chipperness, however they make poor gardeners.

Then I turn around to look over the deck and here's what I see!!! All my poor cabbages have been uprooted, some are even missing, like bad hair plugs on a bald man. Guess this one was left behind when the vermin realized they just aren't that tasty without Pick-a-Peppa sauce.

The squirrels received the blame for this prank as well, but imagine my surprise when I witnessed with my own eyeballs my dog SAMMY, pulling them out of the ground and devouring them? Did anyone know dogs ATE cabbage? Why are we spending all this money on organic dog food? Isn't she getting enough roughage? Should I start to supplement with Metamucil? She is a senior you know.

Now for some good news...

In a past iCANDY feature, I introduced you to Joom, a talented Etsy artist who's prints I recently purchased. Well, my new frames finally arrived after being on order forever from West Elm. Aren't they just perfect? I am so thrilled with how these new additions look in my dining room. Thanks JOOM!!

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