Wednesday, October 8, 2008

FALL SHOWCASE - The Faces Behind Atlanta Etsy

Ahhhhh! we couldn't have gotten better weather if we'd tried! This past Saturday, 7 other Etsy sellers here in Atlanta, joined me in my backyard for our First Annual Hand Crafted Artist's Fall Showcase.

It was a perfect day for buying handmade in Atlanta. A big THANK YOU to my neighbor Holland of Balloonacy for helping make a colorful backdrop for our event.

Registration table for our guests. We held drawings throughout the day and a few lucky winners took home some nice treasures. Thanks mom for being the best greeter we could have asked for! Also a little shout out to Callie for being the hostess with the mostess and an aspiring Etsy shop owner herself.

My little nook of the patio and my first time exhibiting my InkSpot Workshop line. I'm so used to working tables at medical trade shows - this was a welcomed change!!

It's almost SHOWTIME

Wee all brought a tasty treat or 2 for our guests. Next year we will double bill this event, the FALL SHOWCASE and TASTE OF ATLANTA all rolled into one! Not only did we have some talented artists in the group, they were talented in the kitchen too. Mom made her famous Nanceroons (top tier of double tray) and no she still does not want her own Etsy shop:(

Meet some faces behind Atlanta based Etsy shops, most were camera shy... here is the adorable Sarah of Re-Paper. She hand stitches each and every one of her journals. It's really quite a site to see. She also makes a mean pumpkin hummus!

Here's the lovely Peg of Luxe Design Workshop. She's just as classy as her designs and also has a passion for food. What's not to love?

Introducing Sherry of Easy Edges. See her headband? Was the hit of the show! I got a couple and they are the most comfortable headbands you will ever wear, plus they look like little scarves.

Simply cute as can be and bride-to-be Jessica Gonacha. What a gifted artist she is. You must check out her new calendars! I got one:))) thanks Jess.

Our favorite potter Jeanette (not Harry) of Vessels and Wares. Her pottery is DIVINE like little fired pieces of lace, makes for very thoughtful gifts.

Our resident craft show expert, Alicia of Istanbul Designs. All her jewelry is made from her original hand drawn sketches. As you can see from her professional setup, she knows a thing or 2 :*

Fall Showcase Team
Me, Sherry, Jessica, Peg, Alicia, Jeanette and Sarah


We'd like to fill the backyard up with sellers for the next Showcase. If you are interested in participating, drop me a line at inkspotworkshop at hotmail dot com.


TheresaJ said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast, and a very successful day! I've been doing "home" shows with a group of crafters for over 20 years. Of all the shows I do, they are my favorite.

Ashley said...

What fun pictures!

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