Monday, September 1, 2008


Happy Labor Day! thanks to the pending hurricane my beach vacation was cut short, however the three days we DID have were absolutely beautiful - pictures in future post.

Thanks to Kim over at Today's Creative Blog, I discovered You must try it! It's really simple... jut input a bunch of words then voila! You can change the arrangement, color and fonts. Unfortunately, you are unable to digitally save your image, unless you do a screen shot so my advice is once you see a layout you like, PRINT IT QUICK.
I love how Kim matted and framed hers, so I'm going to copy. I think this is a great source of inspiration and will hang mine in my office.

Have Fun!


Keys and Memories said...

I love doing wordles- I have never thought about framing one though- what a great idea!

Brandon said...

What a great idea, I like it!

oriental banana said...

sounds like fun! off to check it out now :)

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