Sunday, September 7, 2008

Summer Highlights

The reality that summer is over is made obvious by the leaves already starting to pile up in my backyard. So sad, it went by in a flash. I felt the urge to organize my pictures while there was just a little summer left. Here are some high lights of our super fast summer;)

Ah! drinking juice and fishing with your best bud! That's paradise to a couple of 2 year olds.

Nothing says it's summer like chalk drawings on the driveway and on your feet!
Exploring Atlanta Zoo!

Nana is so silly!

walking hand-in-hand with Grandpa Michael

A wonderful visit from our Dutch friends. I told them we'd take them to a "swanky" restaurant. Forgetting English is not their first language, they had to google "swanky" to see what I meant:) We had such a nice time with them and of course took them to The World of Coke, what every good Atlantain does with their out of town guests.

Special visit from cousin Dillon and the whole gang!!!

A friendly game of backyard boccie ball - grandma and grandpa were the winners! Not that we are a competitive family or anything like that:)

Look out Uncle James, Nathan is moving in on your turf!

Everyone is in on the action

Such boys

The handsome Altiery Men

In Ohio with sweet Allison

Pretty fun to be eating watermelon at the pool and even cooler is the fact this is where mommy took her swimming lessons when she was my age.

Old friends reunite over dinner and drinks. I just love summer time in Ohio!

Last trip of the summer, Labor Day in the Florida Pan Handle. Before the hurricane!

My daddy is the BEST!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

your items are up on the auction! Thank you. One photo I could get to post????

Lisa said...

Great pics Stacy!!!!
Love you, Lisa

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