Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pimping My Office

This is brave, here it goes....a real life peep into my messy side:)

Got up before the sun this morning and am tackling my much neglected office. I'm really not a slob, however these pictures would have you believe otherwise. My home office {just 3 years old} is where I keep everything for my medical sales day job, plus is where Inkspot Workshop happens. The space is nicely sized, it's just that too much stuff is piling up on the floor and I need to better utilize my storage areas and supply closet. Nothing makes you feel like you are going crazy more than having a cluttered workspace.
Look at this sad shipping center.

My lovely envelopes are multiplying on their own!! How about that light box, balancing on top of that bookcase? At least my shelves look somewhat organized.

Just ordered these new colorful curtains, say bye-bye to these boring white ones

Loving my new credenza and baskets for the cubby holes. My theme is British West Indies, since I love the Virgin Islands and want to make my office feel somewhat Caribbean. Better yet, need to remember the reason to work is to pay for a vacation to St. John!!!!

Stay tuned for the finished product!


Emmy Lou said...

it is going to look awesome! look forward to seeing the finished product!

TheresaJ said...

I love seeing other's workspaces. I posted a photo of mine on my blog awhile back.

I'm sure it's going to be fabulous when you finish. However, I actually love your mailing station -- and your light box -- I've yet to make one myself, so you're ahead of the game.

Love the curtains and the cubby with baskets. They're going to look fabulous in your newly pimped workspace!

ashley d! said...

i did a little rearranging on my craft room over the weekend! it takes soo much work to not only clean, but organize! i love the new cubby credenza & those curtains are tooo cute!!

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thanks for your encouragement:) I'm such a procrastinator

five dot design said...

oooo- this will be a GOOD transformation! i'm too chicken to show my "studio"... my mother would gasp in horror and no one would ever come over to my house again because they would think i have crammed everything i own into one room. can't wait to see your new space!

you should do a video cribs- style.

High Desert Diva said...

Love the wall color! Your office will look great with those new curtains, credenza and baskets.

vana chupp said...

I can't wait to see the final product! It's funny cause I am going through the same "renovation"...my hubby has been working on custom building my work area....I will be sharing pictures in the near future too...I love your space though...YOu think it looks a mess but i have high hopes it will look amazing after you are done with it....Good luck! and thanks for the kind words on my son's first day at Preschool...

Fifi Flowers said...

It's hard not to have a messy space when creating... I know first hand! Get organized if you desire... but you won't believe how more will come and fast! LOL

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