Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sad Story

I came across this sad story while reading one of my favorite bloggers, Kim of Today's Creative Blog. Just a couple weeks ago Stephanie and Christan Nielsen, the lovely young husband and wife in this picture, were involved in a terrible plane crash killing the flight instructor and badly burning the Nielsens. As you can see they have four small children which makes this story even sadder.

The blogging community has really stepped up to the plate and is doing great work to help this family during their time of need, as their recovery is expected to take months. I am helping Kim, by donating a couple sets of my cards including my new Christmas cards, to her auction. If you would like to support this family, click here for more information and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

you said it better than I could.
Thanks again for donating!

Kay said...

ohmyword! I was just browsing through blogs and looking at new etsy shop and came upon yours. I was not ready for such a tragic story. You can never take life for granted.

Aside from that and those lovely children, i really enjoyed you shop.

Have a lovely evening.


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