Thursday, February 4, 2010

iCANDY - 66th edition

I'm giggling as I bring you this week's iCANDY, tongue-in-cheek! Most of you know my {day} job is in the medical sales profession, meaning I'm out schlepping things that make you say "ouch" when I'm not making InkSpot Workshop paper goodies. This week the "job" has really been getting in the way of all things creative around here:)

Just for kicks and giggles, I did a search on Etsy for medical devices and here's what I found. Trust me... there were some very strange things for sale and I'm still not sure what people would do with neon filled syringe hair barrettes? Perhaps I should suggest this to my company's marketing department? For sure I am going to suggest we start making OR soap with syringes in them, so the surgeon's can have squirt gun fights after they scrub up! That soap is a RIOT.

1. Acrylic Syringe Necklace - Cupcakes and Mace, New Zealand $16.00
2. Miniature Hospital Room - A 4 Table, AZ $45.00
3. Catnip Syringe Toy - Oh Boy Cat Toy, $12.00
4. Prep Wash Soap w/Syringe - Amanda Louise, OH $6.00
5. Brass Charm Earrings - Brash Design, MI $5.50
6. Syringe Tie - Crescent Wench, IN $35.00

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