Sunday, July 19, 2009


Welcome to this week's edition of Stickyfingers, lovingly brought to you by InkSpot Workshop's The Spotter. Go ahead and sharpen up those scissors and get yourself into the creative zone because these 3 DIY projects are sure to bring a smile. Have fun and most importantly, go make something!

Looking for a special way to show off those fancy cupcakes you just made? Simply follow these steps, add a few of your personal touches and voila! an adorable cupcake stand is born. Thank you Jannypie Crafts for this visual.

I just can't wait for the next time I need a baby gift. How cute are these easy Iron-On Onesies? A perfect step-by-step tutorial is waiting for you over at Cookie Magazine's blog called NESTING.

How about these fabulously adorable Paper Cutout Nightlights? Perfected by my favorite Twitter friend and local Martha Stewart celebrity, Rachel Weber of Fog and Thistle? To learn how, watch this video.

Reader update!! Remember this fun paper pinwheel tutorial from a past Stickyfingers? I love it when you all send pictures of your projects and this one is special since it's from my mom's next door neighbor Melanie. Didn't they turn out cute? Thanks Mel for sharing.

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