Monday, July 13, 2009


Sorry for being a day late with this week's issue of Stickyfingers. Arrived home yesterday exhausted and brain dead from an incredibly fun weekend with my gal pals. As a result, I'm going to also give you a little break... the 3 DIY projects I'm offering up this week do not require any tools. All you will need is a printer and some paper and you will be on your way. Figured we are all in the throws of summer activities and simple printables may be a better option for us right now. Having said that... get out there and MAKE SOMETHING!

While browsing Big Blue Eyes Press, I spotted something that not only appealed to my creative side, but my heartstrings. It appears there is a little 6 month old named Cab, who is in the process of getting a heart transplant and we all know how much that can cost. Carrie is kind enough to offer this adorable Owl Invitation Set in her Etsy shop and although this is not a free download, each and every cent is going to be donated to the efforts helping Cab. To read more please click here. This set includes a cute downloadable envelope, stickers, matching Thank Yous and more. Good Luck!

How cute are these? Deliciously illustrated free downloadable bookplates, compliments of mommy and illustrator Helen Dardik, of Orange You Lucky. Thank you Helen!

Is your summer choc-full of parties? How about using these gorgeous, sherbet colored Summer Tags with little bees, from Erin Vale of Vale Design? Yes, they are FREE too! Thank you Erin!

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Carrie Davis said...

You rock! Thanks for the plug!

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