Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sources of Inspiration

I'm always being asked where I get my inspiration for my designs and like most people's answers, EVERYWHERE! I recently bought this gorgeous set of sheets and duvet cover for my bed, don't you just love all the typography? Then it hit me... why not include something similar for my Holiday 2009 line?

Here is the result.
Reindeer Role Call

No surprise how I came up with this design, first documented here. If you're like me and are constantly at battle with these cute and pesky critters, see below. Documented evidence taken through my window and blinds.

I see they've finally hung a noose for me?
(actually it's leftover from my son's hanging pinecone birdfeeder)

Time to make my move, better hurry...

Uh Oh! I think they saw me...

Coast is Clear! Boy these flowers are even tastier than the last time!


Jummy said...

Wow, I did wonder about where you got the inspiration for the reindeer names card and it's cool to see that really, inspiration can come from anywhere!

Daily Sip Studios said...

I love this post! I'd love to go back and think through when and why I came up with my designs.

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