Monday, March 9, 2009

Stress + Guilt = Clean Office

Ever get that feeling like the walls are starting to close in on you? Well in my case they really were. Actually, I should say the boxes were starting to close in on me. The heat has been turned up in all areas of my life right now. My {day} job is getting busier {people need iv catheters} and both InkSpot Workshop and Fire Hydrant Press sales are constantly growing {thank you}. All of this means more stuff ending up in my office and claustrophobia settling in.

Although we had Spring like weather here in Atlanta, this weekend, I never got to enjoy it. Instead I spent my entire weekend buying, putting together, organizing and thoroughly cleaning {achoo} my office. As I sit here in my {shining clean} office, I feel at peace. I can actually think clearly since the clutter has been eliminated. What a relief!

My overall design theme for this space is British West Indies with a touch of modern. I just love the way I feel in the Virgin Islands and wanted to replicate that in my workspace. Bright sunny patterns and colors, just like my stationery. I try to keep my reward for all this hard work in mind when I am in here. That reward being a nice beach vacation.

Not such a pretty before shot

Ahhhhh, much nicer place to work

essentials within reach

My new shipping, cutting and packaging station. I just love it!

Ikea Vika Artur Trestles double as storage
and clear Lucite bins from the Container Store come in handy

Benno CD Tower is my new envelope tower. Thanks to Ikea for including an unfinished edge on one front panel, I got crafty and glued brown, satin ribbon on each side. Actually, I like the way it pulls my use of dark wood and white wood together.

Ikea and Container Store Shopping Guide

The lovely day I missed with my family:(

My son and very understanding husband got to have 2 full days of father/son time.
Although they had a great time, it doesn't help my guilt.


Liz McCoy said...

OH your office redo is GORGEOUS!!! love the colors and your shipping station!! I am gonna steal the cd holder turned envelope holder that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! So glad to hear your business is picking up. I hope to get sometime to really invest in my business this summer.

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thanks Liz. Yes, summer is a nice slow down, although last July really was crazy!! August is when I put my entire Christmas collection together, it was a nice brea,

kiddlebug said...

What a great space! It would be a great space to create in.

Inkspot Workshop said...

Yes Kiddlebug, all the daylight and bright colors inspire me.

Vana said...

I wish i had the space you do, but instead i have a couple of mini spaces...i have to run around when i get ready to print/ship an order. Not fun! I love your space!

FiredaughterClothing said...

I cannot even put into words HOW JEALOUS I am!! My workspace consists of my kitchen table and half of Brady's closet. Oh how I covet your workspace!! just beautiful Stacy.

Melissa and Ashli said...

The office looks great!!! Can you come over and clean mine:)))
I wan't to let you know that everyone has called and they just love the invites.
Thank you again

Inkspot Workshop said...

Melissa and Ashli: I am so thrilled!! I wish I could be in CA to see how you pull everything together. Please send me pics. Thanks for the update

Adventures In Paper said...

what a great inspiration for me! good job!

Kaela Cusack said...

what a cute space!

Shana said...

Love your newly decorated space. So bright and cheery and so very organized. Right now my office looks more like your before pictures so I'm a tad bit jealous. By the way, as I sell pinwheels on Etsy, I just love, love, love your pinwheel themed stationery. Way too cute!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Hi Stacy! Nice to meet you! I saw you on Decor8 today! Your products are fabulous! I recently starting blogging about my creative projects and just opened my own little etsy shop! I think we have a lot in common! Check out my blog when you have time! I wrote about my studio makeover, and I used the same Ikea desk you have! LOVE it.
One of my frames from Etsy is going to be featured on the NBC in Atlanta tomorrow morning, if you have time to check it out for me, I would greatly appreciate it! (I'm in Phoenix!) Robyn Spizman, the gift guru is going to feature it? Have you heard of her?

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