Thursday, March 12, 2009

iCANDY - 30th Edition

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This week's iCANDY is SWEETLY brought to you by InkSpot Workshop and Fire Hydrant Press.

Like just about everyone out there I am on a cupcake kick, actually a "mini" cupcake kick. In addition to sampling:) I can't get tired of looking at pictures of these colorful little beauties. I especially love the top heavy, fat piped on frosting look. When you have cupcakes this cute you need an equally cute stand to proudly display your treat. This week's iCANDY is all about the presentation, but of course I had to throw in at least one real cupcake.

1. Whitney Smith, Oakland, CA $32.00

2. Vessels And Wares, Atlanta, GA $18.00

3. M Cupcakes, Atlanta, GA $26.00

4. Vegan Dish, Atlanta, GA $18.00

5. Kim Westad, New York City, $26.00

6. The Bees Knees, Milwaukee, WI $22.00


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