Monday, March 30, 2009



We all strive to achieve some form of balance every day. Regardless if we are working moms struggling to find a balance between work/family or single people struggling to find a balance between work/personal life, we are all on the same teeter totter of life together.

Recently I heard something that has changed the way I view "balance" and consequently it has taken a load of stress off of me and I hope by sharing this story you too will become enlightened.

I was listening to a talk radio show and they had on a guest Psychologist. A caller asked the question about how to find balance in life and the answer was simply thought provoking (in my humble opinion) Not extremely unique, but just so simple and easy to grasp it made me wonder why I had not thought of this already?

The Doctor replied (and I'm paraphrasing) "You never really reach a state of balance because balance is not a state, it is a PROCESS." He went on to tell a story about how he never thought he could ride his bike without using the handle bars, because every time he tried the bike would sway to one side or the other. He chalked this up to not having "balance" and figured he'd never be any good at it. Then one day he realized, wait! the actual process of shifting your weight back and forth from one side to the other IS how you balance!

Now everything is crystal clear to me. When I'm spending time with my son, I used to stress out about how I needed to be working. Then when I'm working, I feel tremendous guilt about not spending time with my family. Now I understand this is completely normal and the constant shifting of how, where, with whom and when you spend all of your time is actually the art of BALANCING.

Hope this has helped- thanks for stopping by.


Vana said...

great post! I couldn't have said it better if i tried. We're all in this together. I say, a day at a time:)

Liz McCoy said...

what a great perspective!

Anonymous said...

So true Stacy. Isn't is amazing how some people can see things so clearly? I love to hear other people's perspective just for this reason. Life is always a balancing act. Thanks for sharing this perspective!

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thank you for all your thoughtful comments:)

Anonymous said...

Great outlook. And what a fabulous picture to illustrate this post..what working mother doesn't feel just like that?

mushroom, cheese n' me said...

this is a great post! thanks for the enlightenment :) i love your blog!!

PaperGlitter said...

I love this post! I also have been trying to "balance" and recently came to this conclusion. I just found your site through The Tom Kat Studio. I love your store and your passion--you keep all of us working girls inspired!

I wish you much success ^_^

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thanks Paper Glitter! Welcome aboard, glad to have you along the ride with us working gals:)

Aly Bennett said...

Hey that's a great description of Balance. Love it!

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