Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ready for a new read?

So... a couple weeks ago I was at the hair salon getting the "natural" blonde put back into my hair:) For those of you with this same medical condition, you know how long this procedure can take and how important a good selection of magazines can become, right? Well that's when I discovered ReadyMade.

Wow! a magazine geared towards hand made items and businesses, how great is that? Not only do they have instructions for some really cool and useful DIY projects, they feature editorials from some of your favorite bloggers, such as Grace (who was kind enough to send me the name of this magazine because I didn't get a chance to steal it from the salon) from Design Sponge, just to give you one example.

As the story ends.... I now have another subscription to a great magazine I will probably only get a chance to read when my leaning tower of magazines topples:)


Rasa said...

I know how this can happen :)

smilemonsters said...

Cool! I have been searching for something like this. I was looking at all the craft mags at Barnes and Noble last week. They all seem to be geard towards sewing or scrap booking. I'ma gonna check it out.


Belua Designs said...

I love Ready Made! It's a great magazine :)

Inkspot Workshop said...

Can't wait to get my first issue, I think I will actually save these for future reference. Their website is choc-full-of great stuff too.

Kira Franz-Knight said...

just got mine in the mail...can't believe you didn't know about it, I've been addicted for quite awhile...(glad you've joined the club!!!!)

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