Monday, February 16, 2009

Easy as PIE

OK, I have a great lead for all of you who send a lot of envelopes and packages through the mail and are tired of standing in line at the US Post Office! Or are tired of paying such high prices for postage. I'd like to introduce you to my new assistant.... ENDICIA! Now I can print all shipping labels on packages both over and under 1 pound, first class postage, priority, even International shipping. The best part is that I never have to leave my house! It's all done from my desktop on my computer. I even get to add my logo to the label so I look extra specially professional. Plus I have an electronic database of where I have shipped everything.

All of this for just $15.95 per month, which is nothing compared to how much time I was wasting in post office lines. I spend a minimum of $150.00 each month on postage so this has been an excellent business decision for InkSpot Workshop. I first learned about Endicia from another blogger and Etsy seller and became completely hooked after my free 30 day trial. How would you like your own FREE 30 day trial? Simply go to and please enter 678363 in the promotion code.

Happy Shipping!


ThreadBeaur said...

sounds like a great service. If my etsy shop starts to take off I will have to look into it.
Thanks for the link.

Sara Tams said...

That sounds like exactly what I need... I hate having to go into the post office & stand in line to ship international packages! Thanks for the tip! :)

Angie said...

good to know!

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