Thursday, October 14, 2010

Key elements to include in a party invitation

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Today I thought I'd share a little advice with you on key bits of information to make sure each and every invitation you send out includes. With the holidays right around the corner, I thought you could use a little reminder:) Plus when you see InkSpot Workshop's fun lineup of Holiday Party Invites (launching Nov 1) you are so going to want to have a reason to throw a party!

The idea to create this post came to me today, as I was designing this actual invitation to be used for a Mom's Night Out get together I soon will be hosting. Can you tell I have a complete obsession with the show Mad Men? I'm pretty sure I'm having this get together just so I could use this design I've had in my head:) Now the pressure is really on me to get some much needed yard work finished!

Here you go...

1. Festive Intro - This really sets the tone/mood for your shin-dig and gets people excited. Have fun with it.

2. Who, What, Where, When - Common sense, right? You'd be surprised how many customers I have that do not include this info in their invitations. ALWAYS be sure this information is clearly stated somewhere, even if you need to include a map, which seems old school now that everyone has a GPS or Google Maps.

3. Special Instructions - This could be a dress code, or a gift "theme" if it's a wedding or baby shower, basically anything out of the ordinary you want your guests to be aware of.

4. RSVP - Don't fall into the "Regrets Only" trap because many people will forget to notify you if they do not plan to attend your party. A response is also helpful when you are trying to secure a head count. If you are using a caterer and need to have a complete number of guests by a certain date, don't forget to include an "RSVP by..." date.

Be sure to send your invites out at least 2-4 weeks before your party.


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