Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Pioneer Woman

Just wanted to pop out from under this pile of orders and share this with you, before I leave for my glamorous anniversary vacation. One of the coolest benefits of Twitter is all of the new people, blogs, places, etc.. I get to learn about from others. The best lead ever was when my Twitter peeps were talking about The Pioneer Woman, PW for short.

This woman will rock your world in so many ways. It's the only blog I've ever laughed and cried at the same time while reading. I won't spoil all of her greatness for you, so click on over and give her blog a read and while you're there checkout her recipes. She just recently launched her first cookbook and I along with several hundred of my new best friends waited for 4 hours at Borders, just to have her sign it. OK, truth be told...I waited that long so I could get a book signed for my mom, a big PW fan.

Here's me with PW's posse aka her sister and friend. They too have recipes in her book and seem to really enjoy the limelight.

Click here to buy you very own copy. WARNING she cooks with salted butter and LOTS of it:)


bridgett | perideau designs said...

So jealous you got to meet her. Let me know how the cookbook is. Have fun on your vacation!

Bryan and Ashlan said...

I LOVE the Pioneer Woman! Her cookbook is on my Christmas list. :)

Inkspot Workshop said...

She was so gracious! The signing was supposed to start at 7:30 and because there were so many people it started at 6pm and she stayed way past closing until the "last book" was signed. How nice was that? I love her even more now.

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