Monday, August 10, 2009

Free Lunch!

It's been a while since we've had a FREE LUNCH here on the spotter so in order to help ease the pain of this "recession" we're serving up a hearty portion today. Hope you're hungry because we surely have something for y'all to sink your teeth right into...

How about a $50.00 gift certificate to use at the newly launched Or are you hungry for some bath goodies, compliments of Sweet Petula? How about both? Yepper, I said BOTH!

All you need to do in order to try your luck at winning both is to click on over to both InkSpotWorkshop and Sweet Petula, sit back and take a look around. Then come back here and let us know how you would use your winnings. You get bonus points for suggesting items you'd like to see in our shops for the up coming holidays.

The winner will be chosen and notified via e-mail on Monday, August 17th - so please make sure to leave a way to contact you. Once notified you will receive a code to activate your $50.00 InkSpot Workshop gift certificate, plus your choice of scents (Sea Spa, Ruby Grapefruit or Lavender) for both a Sweet Petula Aromamist and Hand & Body Balm. You all know I'm a huge fan of Sweet Petula and my bed is not ready for sleeping until I spray my sheets with the Lavender Aromamist. She also writes a gorgeous blog, click here to check it out.

Best of luck to you all and remember... there really IS such a thing as a FREE LUNCH!


Elizabeth W said...

I love those Armadillo note cards!!:
It reminds me of the first time I had seen an armadillo. That was when I was in Disney World! Cool!

At Sweet Petula, I especially like the Nail Butter and Cuticle Balm
Yuck! My cuticles are horrible. I could go for some of this!
Great shop, and I like the layout that you use for the Ink Spot website.

Elizabeth W

Susan said...

I would like one of each in the "shea butter"! Sounds yummy..

I LOVE the new Daisy stickers, and the farm animal note cards!

Just got your postcard today!


flan de bergamota said...

What a great blog! I just arrived here following Sweet Petula's advice at fb.

I absolutely adore stationery goodies, so here are my two lists of what I would buy if I were the winner:


-sweet petula:

(I am currently a fan of Sweet Petula and I asked her for a Ginger Blossom Aromamist, which is currently waiting for me at my Post Office. I'm discovering new scents, but I would buy any single item with this scent -I am as well dwelling to try the laundry soap!)

(At inkshop, I would ask for some kind of perforated tags, with a nice form on the perforation, that I would love to be able to get for my own etsy shop)

That's all!

My mail address:

Thanks and good luck! I will keep on visiting this blog!

The3Maries said...

Love the Chandelier thank you cards!

kimQuinn said...

Love the "nail butter & cuticle balm" and the "pomegranate lip tint" from Sweet Petula, must haves for fall weather.
And from Inkspot... the "Flying Geese Hello" cards (so cool) and the "mod tree" cards in plum. I love sending notes to friends just to say hi. Thanks!! -Kim

Tina Amato said...

For Inkspot Workshop, I am ALL ABOUT the Initial Folio Sets!

As for Sweet Petula, I am already an loyal customer, so I would use the certificate towards a year soap subscription so I won't have to worry about running out!

Fantastic giveaway! Thank you!

Sunbasilgarden said...

Just got your mailing for your new website. I'm a huge inspot fan! Just turned my August calender the other day and said ahh!

Congrats on the new website.

As for the contest-
Love the new calling ice cream cone..but boy it's hard to name just one favorite from you. And I would love the new sticker sets.

As for Sweet P- what a beautiful body shop. I'm a soaper but would have to vote for the Fig bar or the Sweet P candle.

Two gorgeous shops. Great contest too. Some lucky winner awaits-

Dottie said...

Wow, what a wonderful offer! Your website looks GREAT!

Both of you guys are so talented. I love the monogramed portfolio as well as the damask set.

I would love to try the Energizing body wash from Sweet Petula or the lavendar spray.

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said... the words of my daughter, "Oh my delicious!" I'd use the Inkspot Workshop gift certificate for the Mod Tree (plum) cards!! Sooo amazing! And, for Sweet Petula I'd be thrilled with the lavendar! Everything they have sounds amazing, and I'm loving the packaging!!

**Fingers and toes crossed!!**

Callista said...

I am such a lover of paper I figured I was going to have a hard time deciding and I would spend hours and hours at the site, but I instantly fell in love with the Mod Tree Plum cards and of course I would need the matching address labels as well. Then I would instantly send handwritten notes to my friends and family because I still believe in the art of letter writing! The hubby has been accepted into a paid apprenticeship program and these cards would be a wonderful way to announce it to our family and friends! Ohh and I would have to pick the lavender Sweet Petula products because lavender is my absolute favorite scent ever! Mmmmm.... maybe even add a spritz to the envelope! Here's hoping I am the lucky one!

THUY said...

Hi there! If I was the winner of the GC I would love some of the pinwheel flower calling cards, the circle share is super cute and from Sweet Petula, I like the Shea Butter and Sugarcane hand and body lotion in the ginger blossom

and as for the holidays- for Sweet Petula how about some peppermint scent and for inkspot workshop- how about a dear santa card kit where you can write a letter to santa and also have some cards that parents can write back to the kids from santa. i think that would be awesome for the holidays. I hope that gets me some bonus points? hee hee
Thanks- Love the new website!!


Digital Misfit said...

Oh Inkspotworkshop has such a great selection of printed goodies! I would choose the pinwheel calling cards

For Sweet Petula, I would be all over the Lavender fragrance. The aromamist would guide me to dreamland every night.

Jummy said...

Oh fun! I think the Curry Blossom note cards are so cute and I'd find myself filling up the inside with sweet notes in no time; and I've always liked the design of the sweet 16 invitation (but since I'm nearly double that age I'd have to customize it!).

I was actually going to ask if you made cards for specific holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. A box set of such cards would be lovely I think.

Sweet Petula's nail butter and cuticle balm is much needed by me, and I love the idea of waking up with a body wash called Mediterranean mint — it sounds unbelievably refreshing!

Carrie said...

Wow, the winner is a lucky person! TWO beautiful shops! Inkspot: I adore all things paper-- and I'm head over heels for the baby shower memory tags. This would be PERFECT for my sister's upcoming baby shower! I also love the banner notecards and the sticker gift tags. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all.

As for Sweet Petulas, I'm a sucker for scented soap. The Ginger Blossom sounds exquisite, but really I could go for any of them! Or the body wash, or the cuticle balm... ACK! how would someone choose???

lesley said...

holy, it's so hard to choose! your new site is lovely, by the way :)

from inkspot workshop, some of the cards i love are the 'vroom' set, the zoo crew, surf's up, and the all occasion variety set...
As for the holidays, I think a set of kid's cards with penguins would be adorable, maybe with winter toques or something. even a fat little santa would be cute, or a row of elves sitting along the bottom of a card.

from sweet petula, i love anything scented like peonies. the velvet blush peony soap looks lovely. I also love the sound of the aromatherapy mist in lavendar or ruby grapefruit. everything looks delish!
As for the holidays here, I see there are a few products with mint, I love the combination of citrus + mint. that would be invigorating and good for holidays. or maybe something with spiced apple or pumpkin, like a pie. yum.

Thanks for the great giveaway chance!

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