Saturday, May 24, 2008

! NEW ! In The Stationery Biz

I just learned about a new trade publication called {what else?} Stationery Trends. It was launched at the recent 62nd annual National Stationery Show in NYC and many people are giving it rave reviews. It's topics will include paper gift items as well as stationery items. So if you find it difficult to visit a new place and stay away from gift shops or if the mere sight of stationery products sends you into a tizzy and brings back memories of childhood Christmas mornings, then hurry and SUBSCRIBE! If you are in the biz, it's completely FREE!!. 7-ELEVEN GETTING IN ON THE ACT?
Well, not here in the states at least for now... It appears the funky, Japanese trend setting, culture shop named Beams {est 1976} has collaborated with 7-Eleven stores. Their joint venture has produced a retro inspired line of stationery and desktop supplies called "BEAMSTATIONARY" {yes the spelling is correct}

This interesting line was launched on April 9th, 2008 and is currently selling at all 7-Eleven stores in Japan, plus select Beam stores. They have 20 "everyday" items in the line - from notebooks, glue sticks (that look like lip balm) to cool writing tools. Beams wants ordinary items to be "fun to use" and is tagging this campaign with the slogan "make everyday life happy." What a cute idea? I've never thought about going to 7-Eleven to get stationery items, but then again.. I don't live in Japan. With my luck I'd end up getting the glue stick mixed up with my Burt's and accidentally glue my lips shut, something my husband has been itching to have happen:))


LuLu Borealis said...

I couldn't see myself going to 7-11 to buy stationary either, but then again would I be tempted to make a purchase if I saw it? hmmm

Sew Bettie said...

Stationary Trends seems like a great resource - thanks for sharing it!

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