Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Need A Little Lift?

How can I make needles look cute? Was the question I asked myself when trying to come up with a concept for cards to be carried at my friend's chain of med spas. Spa Junkie, is what I'm calling the line from my shop, Inkspot Workshop, but needed to infuse a "nicer" mental visual when using the word "junkie" - didn't want to conjure up any images from A&E's show Intervention

There are many women (and men) choosing not to grow old gracefully, therefore thanks to Kai The Medical Spa, here in greater Atlanta, they don't have to. Worth mentioning, neither of the celebrities linked above have ever set foot inside Kai, which perhaps is where they went entirely wrong in the first place:0 Non-invasive medical treatments are real treats for some folks, like ice-cream and often times equally addicting! That's when it hit me!! Ice cream cones and needles, yes my brain works in strange ways. I have had success with my Pinwheel Ice Cream Cone card, so I just figured out a way to turn the needles into scoops. Voila, Spa Junkie was created. Even kept the whole Spumoni (my favorite) color scheme. These cards are made from smooth, white, heavy card stock, top folded and blank on the inside.

The next step was coming up with a few simple catchy phrases that would appeal to real Spa Junkies. "Need A Little Lift?", "Better Than Dieting" and "Spa Junkie" were first runner's up.

My friend Grace, clearly a natural beauty, now has these cards in all 3 of her Kai The Medical Spa locations throughout greater Atlanta.

They are for sale in her gift area where she also carries fantastic soy candles and amazing bath products, not to mention highly coveted brands such as Cosmedix and Obagi.

We would like to come up with some more note cards and are reaching out to everyone to help come up with some new, catchy, buzzy phrases. If you have an idea for a saying that I can make into a design, post your comments here on my blog. If we chose your saying, you will win a $25.00 coupon to be used at my shop.

While visiting the Sandy Springs Kai location, this lovely staff took great care of me as I indulged a bit myself. Carrie gave me the most thorough Brazilian bikini wax on the planet, as well as microdermabraised a much needed layer off my face.

Airport Landing Strip (for those of you new to Brazilian terminology)

The next time you are in Georgia, do take the time to book yourself a treatment at Kai! With it's peaceful surroundings and treatment rooms and professional staff, let it be your little indulgence. They are now even offering the hottest in laser technology Fraxel!

1 comment:

esque said...

Ooh, how about "Spa-rific"?
Or, " Shiatsu me"
Or, "I spy, I Spa"

lame I know but that's all I've got. Hope you find some good ones!

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