Thursday, August 26, 2010

Party Banners - Just for you!

I am so excited to introduce you to InkSpot Workshop's newest joint venture...


Thanks to the consistent urging by my supportive customers "I'd sure love a banner in this design?" Now you've got them:)
If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you might have seen my plea for help? I asked my followers if there were any crafty types who wanted to take my designs and turn them into Party Banners?

Since I am a one woman shop, actually designing, printing and assembling Party Banners would have really placed a wrinkle in my already overloaded production schedule. I fully realized no party was complete without a banner and I really did not want to disappoint. The only way to successfully pull this off would be to outsource. I had several responses and when Rebec
ca from Fresh Chick Design Studio volunteered her creative brain and crafty hands, I knew it was a match made in heaven.

I could not be more thrilled with the creative "Fresh Chick" spin Rebecca was able to place on these. Each Party Banner is customized specific to your needs. Check out the cute little ribbons she has used on each Banner, don't you just love her attention to detail? I have been a fan of her colorful, fresh and modern designs for quite some time. Can't you see why?

All Party Banners are now available for sale at
InkSpot Workshop
Click on each picture to find more information

Be sure to check back as we will be adding even more
to the collection!

Thanks Rebecca for ALL your hard work
and helping me bring these to life :)
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