Friday, July 9, 2010

iCandy - Sugar Cookie Edition

Happy Friday Everyone! Did you also know it's National Sugar Cookie Day? As well as the day before my Birthday? Cookies are way better to celebrate than getting older :)

I had so much fun gathering up this bunch of iCANDY for you today! Aren't all of these little works of art? As I type this I'm munching on one of these cuties {in pink to be exact, thanks Deb}, trust me it's hard to bite into something so stinkin' cute, but it sure was perfectly crunchy and tasty!!

All of these talented cookie artists have shops on Etsy and ship directly to your front door. Have fun and go ahead and treat yourself to some sugar cookies, it is a National Holiday after all!!

1. Owls - Whimsical Originals, GA $42.00
2. Monogram Dots - Sugar and Flour, WI $30.00
3. Onesies - TS Cookies, WI $36.00
4. Sunshine Starfish - Sunshine Bakes, CA $26.95
5. Hello Miss Daisy - Pastry Girls, IA $8.00
6. Surfboards - Lori's Place, FL $32.99

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Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

the monograms are AMAZING!
i included sugar cookies in my OMHG post too :)

polka dot skies said...

Oh my goodness! They are all so cute!

Kim Borden said...

How cute are these cookies. I love them all. Great idea for an adult or kid's party.

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